Although we are not an organisation, in the interests of transparency we are providing this privacy statement regarding your use of the website.

Data we collect

Server Logs

When you visit this web site our web servers log the request including your IP address, the current time, the URL you accessed, the amount of data sent back to your browser, and the “User Agent” string your browser sends in its request.

Anonymous Analytics

We also aggregate information from these log files to understand how many visitors we have and where they come from, but we do not include any personally identifying information: we delete the last “octet” of your IP address (the digits after the final dot) so that neither we nor anyone else can identify precisely which IP address accessed the website.

How long we store data for

We keep server logs for 7 days, then permanently delete them.

Aggregate statistics are stored indefinitely.

Who we share data with

We do not share server logs with anyone. These logs are only accessed by our administrators when we believe there is a software problem or a security incident.

We share aggregated, anonymised statistics with members of the campaign.

Our legitimate interests

We believe that collection of this data is justified as a legitimate interest, and therefore we do not need your consent under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Server logs

Our server logs exist for security and debugging purposes. We require the IP address to identify specific web browsers during debugging, and to detect sources of attack if a security incident arises.

We believe that these logs are strictly necessary to maintain security of our servers.

We believe that your right to privacy and our collection of IP addresses in server logs for security purposes is a balanced way to ensure the security of the site and its servers, especially since we delete logs as soon as they are no longer necessary for security purposes (7 days).

Aggregate analytics data

As the aggregated analytics data we use to learn about our visitors does not contain any personally identifying information, we do not require a legitimate interest or consent to compile this aggregated, anonymous data.

However, we still have a legitimate interest in analysing how anonymous visitors find and use our site so that we can improve the site and links to it from other places.

It is our opinion that these anonymous analytics are necessary for this legitimate interest.

Finally, on balance, as the data is anonymised, your privacy is respected as much as possible.


We do not use Google Analytics or use third-party cookies.

Cookies are only set when logging in to parts of this website for administrators only. These are not accessible without prior authorisation and the correct login credentials.

Data Controller

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